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The current general rental conditions (hereafter named the “GRC”) are concluded exclusively between the Rental Store and any Customer making a Reservation through the Website.
The confirmation of a Reservation by a Customer on the Website implies the Customer’s entire accordance and acceptance of the GRC.

The Customer declares being at least 18 years old and has the legal capacity to buy from the Website. The Company reserves the right to refuse a Reservation if there are on-going prior litigious circumstances or an unusually high level of reservations.

The winter sports equipment that is available for Reservation on the Website is described on the Website as being a type of category of material available and under no circumstances must this be understood as being a specific model. The general characteristics of each of the available categories are explained on the Website and sometimes there are several examples of equipment that corresponds to each one of these categories. The examples of the materials are given purely as an indication and have no contractual value.

Art 3: PRICE
The rental prices corresponding to the Reservation are determined according to the type of material reserved, the chosen period of location and the date that the Reservation was made.

A Reservation on the Website can be made at any point up to 1 day before the start of the requested rental period.
When a Reservation is made through the Website, the Customer chooses the category of material that he/she intends to reserve.
After selecting the material, the Customer will be requested to confirm his/her Reservation.
A 10% deposit is necessary to confirm and the Reservation that the Customer has requested on the Website.
Only after receiving validation by the central network of banking cards concerning the payment of the deposit can the Reservation undertaken by the Customer on the Website be accepted.

When the Customer confirms his/her Reservation made using the Website, he/she must pay a 10% deposit of the total amount of the rental price (all taxes included), hereafter named the “Deposit”, to the Rental Store.
The balance of the rental price will be paid by the Customer directly to the Rental Store at the time of the collect.

The Reservation is only confirmed and recorded after the payment of the Deposit.
The deposit is payable exclusively on the Internet by credit card or through PayPal with secure payment.
The payment can only be considered valid when the Rental Store receives validation from the central network of bank cards. If the central network of bank cards were to refuse payment, the Rental Store reserves the right to simply cancel the Reservation that had been recorded.
Upon receiving agreement from the central network of bank cards concerning the payment of the Deposit, a voucher confirming the acceptance of the Reservation is sent to the Customer with the details of the reserved equipment, the details of the reserved rental period and the corresponding rental price.
When the payment is being made, a connection is automatically set up with the payment treatment centre’s server. The bank details are protected by encoding. The information in question is not transferred under any circumstances to the Rental Store’s systems and is therefore not retained by the Rental Store.

The Reservation is considered concluded and only becomes viable when the Rental Store receives the payment of the Deposit and the Customer receives a voucher that confirms the Reservation. Once the Reservation has been finalised, the Rental Store is committed to hiring out the Reserved Equipment to the Customer according to the conditions fixed during the Reservation and the GRC in effect, whereas the Customer commits him/herself to collecting the Reserved Equipment according to the same conditions.

The changes to the reservation will be made regarding the type and quantity of the Reserved Equipment
– Type of the equipment: Any change in the category of the Reserved Material can only be handled by the Rental Store concerned with the Reservation for which the changes have been requested by the Customer. For any changes of this nature, the Customer will contact the Rental Store directly which will then manage the Customer’s request for any changes itself. The Rental Store will accept the Customer’s request for changes as long as the product requested is available in the store in question.
The Rental Store’s acceptance to make the changes will not affect the deposit paid. The effect on the rental store price by accepting the changes will be taken into account when the balance of the rental is to be paid.
– Quantity: If a particular article is deleted it is considered as a cancellation.
On the Website, it is not possible to add an article to a reservation after it has been recorded. If the Customer wishes to reserve an extra article, he/she must make another reservation on the Website concerning the extra article that he/she wishes to order.

The Reserved Equipment must be collected at our Rental Store:
– ADA SKI RENT Piazzale Kandahar n° 2 10058 Sestriere
– SKI GOLF RENT Via Pinerolo 4/A 10058 Sestriere,
The Customer will go the Rental Store and present the confirmation voucher that outlines the acceptance of the Reservation.
The Reserved Material can be collected on the day before the first day of rental indicated in the confirmation voucher from 5:00 pm.
The Customer must also present proof of identity or a passport.
Any payment for the rented equipment is carried out exclusively by the Rental Store.
The Rental Store may also require the Customer to pay a security deposit for an amount equal to the retail sales prices (including taxes) of the rented material. The security deposit will be returned to the Customer when the rented material is returned unless the material concerned has been damaged.
If the Customer knows that he/she will be collecting the equipment late, the Customer must inform the Rental Store. The Rental Stores are only obliged to retain any material reserved by the Customer through the Website up until 10am on the morning following the first day of renting indicated by the Reservation confirmation voucher. After this deadline, the Reservation will be considered as if the Customer had cancelled the reservation. The Customer will lose his/her reservation and the material in question will be made available for hire and the Customer will not be entitled to a refund of his/her deposit or any other type of indemnity.

The Rental period begins from the moment where the Customer collects the rented equipment and lasts for the dates indicated on the rental voucher. The rental period automatically ends at the time and date indicated on the rental voucher.

The hired material will be returned at the end of the return date that is indicated on the rental voucher. The Customer will have to pay the Rental Store for any material returned after the day following the return date indicated on the rental form for a further day’s rental at the prices communicated in store. In the event where the rented material is late by more than one day, the Customer will have to pay a day’s rental for every day late.
It is imperative that the rented equipment is returned to the Rental Store from where it was rented. The Customer is obliged to return the rented equipment by the end of the stipulated rental period as required by the law.

The Rental Stores will only be exempt from the responsibility for providing the Reserved Equipment late in the event of ‘an Act of God’. By ‘an Act of God’, we understand any particular event that is independent to their actions, that is unavoidable and unpredictable and that is defined by case law, which is also the case for any delay in the return of the Reserved Equipment in the framework of the aforementioned rental period.
However, if it is impossible for the Rental Store to provide the Customer the Reserved Material, the Rental Store must do its utmost to provide the Customer with material of equal or superior quality for the same rental price.

The rented equipment can only be used by the people who will withdraw the material. Under no circumstances may the material be sub-let, lent or borrowed free of charge. The Customer certifies to use the equipment ard to use the material themselves according to the normal use of the products, taking care and being careful not to harm any third parties conforming to the regulations in effect, and that they do not sub-let or lend the material out.
The rented material cannot be sold off nor used as collateral. The Customer is responsible for the Reserved Equipment and must not benefit in any way, in real terms or in any other terms, from the renting of the said products, that is liable to harm the possession or limit the availability of the full property rights of the Rental Store.

The Customer assumes the entire responsibility of the rented material from the moment when he/she takes possession of it. He/she remains responsible for the said material until the material is fully returned. He/she will assure that the equipment is properly maintained and will use the equipment responsibly at all times.
When the rental period expires according to the date on the rental voucher, in the event where the material has not been returned by the allocated date and time, the Customer is solely responsible for the material which remains in his/her possession until the moment that it is effectively returned.
If the rented material is not returned, for whatever reason, the Rental Store will invoice the Customer for the total value of brand new material at the retail sales price on top of the total amount of the rental.
Any doubts that the Customer may have concerning the state of the rented equipment must be expressed to the Rental Store by the Customer when the said material is collected and in doing so the observation will be noted down on the rental form when it is signed. If an observation of this type is not made, then no doubts about the said material can be raised in the future.
The rented material, which is numbered and marked, must be returned with the same numbers and the same markings. The Customer must return the rented material clean and in the same condition that it was in when the Customer took possession of it, excluding any damage caused by normal usage or a hidden defect or a non-visible aspect that has caused any damage, for which the Customer cannot be held responsible.
The Customer remains responsible for any other damage to the rented item, whatever the cause may be. The Customer accepts responsibility for any damage caused and a payment will have to be made to the Rental Store by the Customer for the costs of returning the said material to its initial state or even to replace the material, within the limits of the maximum value for replacing the equipment with brand new material at the retail price, and this on top of the cost of renting the equipment. In the event where it is technically or economically impossible to undertake the repairs, the material will be replaced. The Customer must pay the repair/replacement costs of the rented material or the security deposit left by the Customer will be cashed in. All repairs will be exclusively undertaken by the Rental Store.

– Right to withdrawal
The Customer has a withdrawal period of 7 full days from the moment the Customer receives the confirmation email and the full acceptance of the Reservation. Any demand for cancellation must be sent to the Company by email to the following address:
In this instance, the Deposit will be reimbursed within 30 days by a payment credited to the bank card that was used for the transaction.
– Cancellation before the collection of the reserved material and after the withdrawal period
For any cancellation demand occurring before the reserved material is collected but after the legal withdrawal period, the Rental Store keeps the entire Deposit as administrational costs.
– Cancellation after the reserved material has been collected
In the event of the Customer who is using the rented equipment falling ill or having an accident during the rental period, the rental period continues to remain in effect and the full amount will be charged. Unless otherwise agreed with the rental store.
– Cancellation due to inclement weather conditions
If ever the total skiable domain that is normally accessible from the Rental Store is closed, it is not the responsibility of the Rental, the full amount will be charged. Unless otherwise agreed with the rental store.
– Cancellation before the collection of the reserved material and after the withdrawal period
For any cancellation demand occurring before the reserved material is collected but after the legal withdrawal period, the entire Deposit is kept by the Rental Store as administrational costs.

All the personal nominative information that the Rental Store collates is necessary for processing the Reservation. The Rental Store is committed to protecting this information according to the conditions stipulated in the “security-confidentiality” section of the Website.